Words from the Cabaret Director: Cate Kopkey

From the company that brought you the laugh out loud hit “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”, After Dark Productions is pleased to present its daring and seductive performance of Cabaret. The American musical will be ASPI’s second After Dark Production and is directed by none other than Cate Kopkey.

So, sit back and get an insider look into this tantalizing production straight from the director herself.

How did you choose the production Cabaret?
This was somewhat of a fluke! The committee that chooses our productions was struggling to fill the After Dark slot and mentioned that Cabaret was available. I JUMPED at the chance! This was a bucket list show for me to direct because of its sometimes unnoticed depth.

What makes Cabaret different from other past shows at ASPI?
Cabaret requires a little bit of everything, and that makes it different (and difficult). Dancing, singing, acting, all three are a must! The show also involves the audience in a new way. The audience is actually part of the Cabaret, and we blur the lines between so many scenes in the show that it causes the audiences to really be fully involved.

What has been the most fun part about working on this production?
This cast is incredible. They were running scenes off book at the first rehearsal. They dig into everything 100% from choreography, music, to all of the nitty gritty dramatic scenes and that makes my job easy and a TON of fun. I can push them and they just go with it! It’s such a supportive creative environment that everyone is free to try things without fear or judgement.

What has been the biggest challenge in making this show a reality?
Making sure that everything is time appropriate has been a challenge. The Kit Kat Klub is a seedy place, stuck in the 1920s. That’s a hard atmosphere to achieve and with that comes old mannerisms, posture, and styles. As if the cast didn’t have enough on their plate!

Why should someone come out and see the show?
This show will keep your attention from start to finish! It is always a quick transition from song and dance to sad and serious and right back.

Bonus Round:

Describe the show in three words:
Progressive Emotional Powerful

Favorite Number?

Favorite quote?
“Fraulein Schneider, don’t settle for the lowest apple on the tree, the one easiest to reach. Climb up a little way. It is worth it. Up there the apples are much more delicious.” – Herr Shultz

Which character do you relate to most? And why?
Oh gosh. That’s a tough question! Probably Fraulein Schneider. She is steady and consequently nervous about change.

This is sure to be one swanky number that you won’t want to miss! Sally Bowles, says it best, “What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play. Life is a cabaret, old chum, come to the cabaret!”

Tickets are on sale now for showings on September 13-16 and 20-23. For more information on the show or to order tickets, go to www.abramstheater.com or call the box office at 920-826-5852.