Have you ever seen a show and thought “wow, they look like they’re having a lot of fun up there!”? Guess what? You could be part of that fun, even if you don’t want to be on stage! An ASPI production, on average, requires about 20 – 50 people to make all the pieces come together. Know how to sew? Do DIY Projects? Paint a room? Like experimenting with Hair & Makeup?  Talking to people? Are you retired and looking for something to do? In the words of Rich Fields, “Come on Down!” (or up, if you live south of Abrams) 

Check out some descriptions below. Email volunteers.aspi@gmail.com or call us at (920) 826-5852 if you have more questions or are interested in helping out. 


  • Production Staff (Directing, Music Directing, Choreography, Design)
    You have experience in one of the above areas, or are currently going to school with a focus of study in one of the above areas. You have a penchant for helping people grow, and a love of collaboration. 
  • Sets (Building, Painting)
    You can put a piece of furniture together (with instructions). You have experience building projects around the house or you have put a nail in a wall, once. You know how to hold a paintbrush. You were a paint by numbers master as a kid. DIY projects and Pinterest excite you! 
  • Props (Managing, Finding, Making)
    You love thrifting and finding hidden treasures, but you’re not a hoarder! You’re organized and creative. You see the possibility in every object. You enjoy everything being in its place
  • Costumes (Managing, Making, Finding)
    You know how to sew from a pattern. You also enjoy thrifting, but more on the fashion side. You love clothing and believe it does “make the man.”  You enjoy ironing…? (Some people do!) 
  • Make-Up & Hair (Self-explanatory)
    You put on makeup. You have used a curling iron and/or know how to braid. YouTube beauty gurus intrigue you, and you can follow their tutorials.
  • Lights & Sound Operation (Self-explanatory)
    You can push a button/flip a switch/click a mouse. Really, it’s that simple. BUT the whole show depends on you! (No pressure)
  • Run Crew (Curtain puller, scene change help)
    You are highly organized and enjoy a fast paced work environment. You can lift heavy objects quickly. You can see in the dark. You’re batman? …maybe not, but you’re comfortable working in low light. You can pull a string (curtains).


Don’t want to be on the stage, or even especially near the stage? We still need you! If you like talking to people and/or dealing with money: 

Box Office workers, Ushers, Concessions Stand workers, Distributors of Marketing Materials to local businesses

BUT WAIT, there’s more! Our facility is beautiful, but aging. And we’re a small group, so we are also always looking for people to help: 

Mow Lawn, Clean, Garden, Paint, Plumb (seriously, if you’re a plumber, we need YOU!); work on the: heating & cooling, electrical, structural restoration, roofing, and just general upkeep of the building. 

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Questions? Call the Box Office (920) 826-5854