Auditions April 4-5 in Abrams

Auditions are April 4th and 5th, 6pm-8pm at The Nancy Byng Community Theater.

The play calls for male and female roles (16 years or older).

Lustful Youth is a fast paced, lots of word play show. Everyone gets to play multiple over the top fun to play characters.

It’s about a guy, Walt, who is contractually obliged to write a soap opera that is statistically perfect to get the biggest audience. As Walt writes, the show is produced (no rewrites!), He has “help” from his imaginary friend/muse Dill, but Dill keeps wanting to make things fun and interesting not statistically planned.

Hilarity ensues as Walt writes himself into his own show. It gets pretty darned zany by the end.

The Characters:

Walt – Television statistician, not a writer! Is mostly in panic and damage control through most of this.

Dill – Walt’s imaginary friend. Walt’s Id, maybe? I dunno I don’t want to get too highbrow about it.

Tony – Walt’s boss. A fast talking hard as nails business man. Time is money and he loves money.

Carl – Tony’s assistant. Sniviling Yes Man. Tries to be a tough guy. Fails.

Deb – Tony’s intern. Flighty and dutiful.

April – Fictional love interest in the soap opera Walt is writing “Lustful Youth”. Super sexy. Based off the cover of a romance novel so she’s dressed like a pirate queen.

Jake One – April’s husband. Played by the same actor as Tony. Loser. Nerd. Oblivious. Later thinks he’s a folk singer.

Jake Two – Played by the same as Carl. Soap opera hunk. Based off the same romance novel cover as April. Later he becomes a plumber, and other things.

Jake Three – Played by same as Walt. Mega Business man. The most successful and loved man in the play.

June – Played by the same as Dill. The female counter point to Jake Three. The manipulator.

May – Played by the same as Deb. Sultry seductress. Later she becomes possessed by Elvis.

Nora – Played by the same as April. Walt’s real life ex-girlfriend.

“Lustful Youth” to be presented June 8-11 and June 15-18. This comedy, written and directed by Mike Eserkaln, calls for male and female roles, age 16 and older. No experience is necessary, and all are welcome to audition.

Individuals will have two opportunities to audition: 6-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 4, or Wednesday, April 5, at the Nancy Byng Community Theater, 5852 Maple St., Abrams. Individuals who audition should come prepared to read from the script. Rehearsals will start in April.

Interested in helping out behind the scenes? ASPI is looking for volunteers to build and paint sets, sell concessions, sew costumes, usher, and help with other tasks that contribute to a community theater’s success. Contact ASPI at 920-826-5852 or to learn about volunteer opportunities.

Tickets for “Lustful Youth” go on sale April 15. Season ticket holders and Spotlight Sponsors can purchase tickets before the general public.

ASPI is celebrating its 20th season of community theater and set a goal to obtain 100 new Spotlight Sponsors before the end of the year. The theater seeks to raise over $30,000 for a new roof. Donors can choose from four sponsorship levels: Silver ($100), Gold ($250), Platinum ($500), or Corporate ($950 per show). ASPI is a volunteer-led 501(c)3 organization that relies on donations, ticket sales, and fundraising to operate. To become a Spotlight Sponsor, visit and click “Support.”

Hitting the Heights: A Director Spotlight

🎶You’ll be swell, you’ll be great.
Gonna have the whole world on the plate.
Starting here, starting now,
Honey, everything’s coming up roses.🎵

Director – Ali Carlson

To kick off the theater’s 20th season, ASPI proudly presents Gypsy: A Musical Fable, with seasoned ASPI actor Ali Carlson making her directorial debut!

Being raised in a theater family, Ali got her start at the young age of 5. Her father was a Technical Director by profession and her mother was a director. Ali looks forward to following in her mother’s footsteps, which she knows are big shoes to fill!

Ali’s first involvement with ASPI was in 2011 for Seussical the Musical and her most recent role was as Judy in the 2022 production of White Christmas. When she’s not enchanting audiences, Ali is a Care Management Supervisor for Lakeland Care Inc.

While Gypsy will be Ali’s directing debut, she did try her hand at directing back in 2020. Well, we all know what happened then, COVID. The desire to direct deepened despite the challenging times! Ali is very much looking forward to seeing her vision come to life!

She is also enjoying the opportunity to bring her expertise, both in acting AND choreography, to the cast! For this production there are technically “two” casts, one being the young kids in the beginning and the second being their adult counterparts. So Ali is working with the best of both worlds! She shares that the talent in this production is incredible and everyone is so dedicated. There is also a camaraderie between the cast and everyone involved that it is truly so welcoming.

Straight from the director herself, there is much for the audience to look forward to! The musical is inspired by the American burlesque entertainer Gypsy Rose and her mother, “the ultimate show business mother.” While the musical will introduce audiences to the entertainment of vaudeville and burlesque, the musical is a comedy! With its humor and recognizable songs, Gypsy is sure to delight and entertain you!

🎵Curtain up. Light the lights. We got nothing to hit but the heights.

🎶Gypsy: A Musical Fable will be on the ASPI stage March 16-18 & 23-25 at 7pm and March 19 & 26 at 1pm. Buy your tickets now! Tickets can be purchased at Please call the Box Office at (920) 826-5852 with any questions.