The Newlywed Game: ASPI Edition. Play the couples game before you see ‘Barefoot in the Park’

Barefoot in the ParkLet’s meet the couples! First, we have Corie and Paul Bratter, of “Barefoot in the Park.” Still in the honeymoon phase and living on love. And we also have you, our audience! See how well you and the special person in your life know each other. Whether you have been married for one week or 50 years, how well do you really know your spouse? So, grab your partner and let’s play The Newlywed Game: ASPI Edition.

How to Play: This game is intended for couples. The questions are separated into three rounds. For the first two rounds, the goal is for each spouse to correctly guess the other spouse’s responses. For round one, the wife will first answer the question, and then after, the husband will try and guess the correct answer. For round two, the husband will answer first, and then the wife will try and guess the husband’s response. For round three (the bonus round), both spouses will answer each question at the same time.

The more the answers that match up, the better you know your spouse. Good luck to each couple!

Round One (Wives answer first)
How many pairs of shoes does your wife own?
What color are your wife’s eyes (no cheating ?)?
What is your wife’s biggest pet peeve?
If you were cleaning out the closets, what is the one thing of your husband’s that you would throw away?
When it comes to replacing the toilet paper roll, should the paper go over or under?

Round Two (Husbands answer first)
What is the last movie you saw together?
What is your husband’s least favorite household chore?
Is your wife always late, always early, or always right on time?
If your wife is texting someone, who is she most likely texting?
What was your wife wearing on your first date with her?

Bonus round
Who do you trust more behind the wheel?
Who is the more romantic one in the relationship?
Who is the biggest procrastinator?
Who said “I love you” first?
When the two of you are in the car together, who controls the radio?

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