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Audition Guide: Kids’ Edition

Whether you are completely new to the world of auditioning, or just wanting to brush up on your auditioning etiquette, this guide is for you!

The key to a successful audition is to PREPARE for your audition!

The very first question to ask yourself is, “Can I commit to the rehearsal schedule and dates of the performances?”.  Prior to the audition, please reach out to ask any questions! ASPI can be very accommodating, so it is best to be up front with any potential scheduling conflicts. Please contact the theater via email at theater.aspi@gmail.com or by calling 920-826-5852.

Once you have identified if you can commit to the rehearsal schedule and performance dates, you will need to decide which auditioning date you will be attending. The next step will be to fill out the necessary paperwork via a Google Form. If you fill it out ahead of time, you skip the line on the day of auditions. The Google Form link is provided via social media posts and email about 3 weeks prior to auditions.  If you would like to get on our email list, call or email the contact information listed above. 

Prior to the audition, it is very important to pick out the right auditioning outfit (including shoes!). Your clothes should be comfortable, something you can dance in! Think tennis shoes. Items to avoid include: skirts, dresses, sandals, heels, dress shoes.

Now that you’ve picked out the right outfit, next up is to choose the right audition song based upon the style of the musical. The day of the audition you will be asked to sing 16-32 bars of a song (about 1 minute).  

Tips for choosing the right audition song:  

  • Consult the Spotify playlist (shared via social media posts and email 3 weeks prior to auditions)
  • Don’t sing a song from the musical you are auditioning for
  • Don’t sing a pop song
  • Do choose a song that fits your voice type
  • Find a karaoke track to sing along with

Leading up to your audition, be sure to research the show you are auditioning for. This includes what the show is about and the character(s) you are interested in. 

The preparation for your audition doesn’t end there! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

Practice the monologue provided (if you are auditioning for a speaking role) and understand what the monologue means. Your research will help you channel the character! And while you are practicing, ask yourself, “What will make me stand out?”. 

You’ve spent the time preparing, researching, and practicing for your audition. Now you’ve reached the day of the audition! As an auditionee you want to exude professionalism, confidence, and courtesy

Your professionalism will show through in how you behave before, during, and after the audition. A good example of this is being aware of your surroundings and conversations in the lobby. While waiting in the lobby for your turn to audition, please be quiet and respectful of those auditioning before and after you. 

Did you know that we make our first impressions within the first 3 seconds of seeing someone? So walk into the audition with CONFIDENCE! It’s totally ok to be nervous (it’s a good thing)! Casting directors want to love you! So take your time, have fun, and turn that nervous energy into positive energy. 

At the start of the audition, introduce yourself and state what role you are auditioning for (if applicable) and what song you will be singing (name the song and the musical it is from).

And at the end of the audition, be sure to say THANK YOU to the audition panel. 

Phew! Your audition is done, now what?? ASPI would like to share a few words of wisdom to consider while you are waiting to hear back.

When choosing a cast, it’s not about talent, it’s about preference. What do we mean by that? The director is choosing an ENTIRE cast. You can be the best singer, the best dancer, the best actor- however not be a good fit for the role. For example, you may not be the right look for the role, the wrong gender, or the wrong age.  You may also not be a good fit with the other counterpart you will be on stage with (ex: a husband and wife need to be somewhat the same age, or kids need to be the age specific).  

Waiting is hard and rejection is difficult, and it is important to acknowledge that not every audition will go the way we think it will. But success will come with practice and training!

ASPI looks forward to welcoming all the young actors and actresses, singers, and entertainers! For any upcoming auditions, please contact the theater with any questions. Email: theater.aspi@gmail.com

Box Office Phone #: 920-826-5852.

“Think of every audition as a chance to perform and you will have fun doing it.” 

– Erica Schroeder