Wish List

Wish List

wish list

In order to continue to improve the quality of our productions, we are looking for certain items. If you do a spring clean and find any of these items lying around (in working condition), we would love to give them a new home!  Or if you are things poor, but cash ready, we have included the approximate price of each item below.

(For financial contributions – Please write the name of the item towards which you wish to contribute in the “notes.”)

To donate an item below, contact us at (920) 826-5852. We are happy to travel to you, if the item is larger. 

  • Hand Power Tools – $150.00, each list item
    • Skill Saw
    • Cordless Drill – two (2)
    • Sawzall
    • Sander
    • Multi-Tool
    • Tool Box
  • Square Register for concessions – $800  (or  IPAD with Square stand – $500)
  • Heavy Duty poles and brackets for hanging costumes in Sewing room and Costume room – $200
  • Desktop Computer – $400.00
  • One (1) Toilet – $270.00 (2 out of 3 toilets are now taken care of, thank you to our generous donors for the best “seats” in the house!) 
  • Sound Equipment – $1,000.00, each list item 
    • One (1) Amp 
    • Fifteen (15) stage quality microphones 
  • Remote wireless thermostat – $170.00
  • Janitor’s cart or Rubbermaid type closet for janitorial supplies – $100.00
  • Heavy duty shelving for scene shop – $300.00 
  • Lycian Midget 1206 followspot – $2000

Have something else you think might be of interest/use to us? Call us at (920) 826-5852

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