Ticket Donation Request

Abrams Spotlight Productions Inc. is proud to support and partner with local organizations. Our board of directors believes it is important to have an active presence in the local area, which is part of putting the “community” in community theater. 

One specific way in which we partner with local organizations is to offer a profit sharing opportunity via our concession stand. Local non-profit or educational organizations may staff our concessions booth during a show, and then earn a portion of our concessions profits. Please contact volunteers.aspi@gmail.com or call us at (920) 826-5852 to learn more. 

Another way we offer support is buy donating tickets to our performances to be used in fundraising efforts. To qualify for a ticket donation, organizations are asked to meet these stipulations:

  1. Organization must have demonstrated past or ongoing support of APSI, i.e. volunteering for work days or other projects or attending shows
  2. Donated tickets are to be used in a bucket raffle or as a stand-alone prize, not simply as a door prize. We will supply an 8×10 inch poster that must be displayed as an advertisement for our upcoming show.
  3. Organizational values must align with ASPI’s mission statement 
  4. Organization must be have 501(c)3 status, OR be an educational institution. 

Please use the form below to submit a request: