Abrams Spotlight Productions Inc. is proud to support other organizations in the area. Our board of directors believes it is important for nonprofit organizations to play active roles in their communities.

We give back to the community by staffing the theater’s concession stand with volunteers from nonprofit groups and sharing the concessions proceeds. We also offer show tickets that can be used in fundraising efforts. To qualify for concessions proceeds or ticket donations, organizations are asked to meet these stipulations:

  1. At least one individual in the organization must support ASPI by attending at least one of the past two shows produced at the theater. (We maintain a database of patrons and can verify attendance.)
  2. Show tickets are to be used in a bucket raffle or as a stand-alone prize, not simply as a door prize. This would be mutually beneficial and help us promote ASPI. We will supply an 8×10 inch poster to be displayed with the prize, as an advertisement for an upcoming show.

Please use the form below to submit a request: