Audition information for Boeing Boeing
Seeking a cast of 6 male and female actors 16 years old or older
Character descriptions are below


  • Auditions will be held April 1st or 3rd from 6pm-8pm
  • Location- The Nancy Byng Community Theater, 5852 Maple St Abrams, WI
  • There will be paperwork to complete prior to auditioning
  • Want to save time and receive priority line when you arrive? Complete the paperwork by clicking HERE
  •… Google Form Link
  • If you have a conflict with audition times, please reach out and we will see if we can accommodate you


  • Rehearsals will begin the week of April 7th.
  • Rehearsal dates and times will be scheduled around availability, however typical rehearsals will be: Sundays 5pm-8pm, Tuesdays 6pm-8pm and Thursdays 6pm-8pm
  • There will be no rehearsals Sunday May 26th (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • There will be a Tech Week of rehearsals June 2nd-5th. These rehearsals will be mandatory.


  • There will be 8 performances of Boeing Boeing.
    • June 6th, 7pm
    • June 7th, 7pm
    • June 8th, 7pm
    • June 9th, 7pm
    • June 13th, 7pm
    • June 14th, 7pm
    • June 15th, 7pm
    • June 16th, 7pm
  • All performances are mandatory

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at or by calling the box office at 920-826-5852


A hit comedy similar in vein to Shakespeare’s comedies of merry misadventures and mistaken identities, Boeing Boeing tells the exploits of French bachelor Bernard and his lovely female flight attendants. Three flight attendants, to be exact, from three different countries: and they all believe they’re engaged to Bernard! In the past, Bernard has been able to juggle these women due to his detailed timetable of his fiancés’ flight schedules. When the situation changes and all of the women end up at his apartment on the same day, Bernard (with help from his bewildered friend Robert) struggles to keep them from learning the truth. Will the lying lothario be able to keep up this charade, or will a disaster occur? As they say: all’s well that ends well!


Bernard: An American playboy living in Paris, Bernard is happily engaged to three different women, none of whom know about the others.
Gloria: An American airline stewardess from New York City, Gloria is engaged to Bernard. She isa go-getter, sexy and works for TWA.
Gabriella: An Italian airline stewardess, Gabriella is also engaged to Bernard. She is passionate and feisty and works for Alitalia.
Gretchen: A German airline stewardess, Gretchen is also engaged to Bernard. She is strong and beautiful and works for Lufthansa.
Berthe: Bernard’s French housekeeper, Berthe is always exhausted and exasperated.
Robert: An old time friend of Bernard’s from Wisconsin, Robert shows up unexpectedly at Bernard’s Paris home.