Our Founders

Our Founders

Nancy Byng, Principal Founder

In Memory of Nancy Byng


Nancy married George Byng in Green Bay, WI, where they lived for four years before moving to Abrams, WI. They had two children, Becky (Rick) Wolf and Bruce (Mary) Byng, and two grandchildren, Nick and Allison Byng. Years ago Nancy painted pictures using many techniques in oil paints and other mediums. She exhibited her work in New York and in different locations throughout Wisconsin, winning numerous prizes. Nancy also sold paintings and gave some away as gifts.

Nancy worked with the local 4-H club when her children were young. She was a leader and one of the founders of the Abrams Eager Beavers. She directed and designed costumes and scenery for the plays that they performed for 4-H competitions. Sewing was another of Nancy’s many talents. Nancy was a master in this art and designed many costumes from scratch, using no patterns.

Nancy was involved in many Abrams organizations and activities, including her eight years spent designing themed rooms and acting in the original Abrams Haunted House. In fact, it was this activity that first brought Nancy and her great-nephew, Brandon Byng, to realize their shared love for the arts and to begin their plans for creating Abrams Spotlight Productions, Inc.

Nancy’s theater experience includes acting throughout her school years, as well as acting and designing costumes for the Machickanee Players in Oconto, WI. In 2003, her dream of creating Abrams Spotlight Productions, Inc. came true. Writing scripts, directing, and designing costumes and scenery was the love of her life. She would always say that she should have started this when she was younger, but age made no difference to Nancy. She never lost any of her creative spirit and talent. Nancy’s favorite part of the productions was watching the actors come out of their shells and realize that they can do great things on the stage.

She said that it is never too late for anyone to get involved in theater, and she was certainly proof of that. With her many talents and many years of experience, Nancy was an invaluable member of Abrams Spotlight Productions, Inc. She will be deeply missed by all, but we know she will always be with us and remembered, as we continue to keep her dream alive. A seat will always be saved for Nancy.

“This passion, and the death of a dear friend, would go near to make a man look sad.”
William Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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