EXTRA EXTRA! 24 hour theater!

Extra, Extra! : 24 Hour Theater is Sure to EXCITE and THRILL

Calling all writers, performers, & directors! What is more exciting than seeing a play go from a mere thought, to words on a page, and then step by step brought to life on stage? That would be writing and producing a performance in just 24 hours!!

Beginning the evening of October 6th, the participating writers, actors, and directors will have 24 to write, rehearse, and set the stage for a one of a kind performance at 7pm on Saturday October 7th. 

Absolutely no experience is necessary! This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with other artists to create a 60-90 minute performance within 24 hours. The production will consist of a series of short plays where the length and number of plays will be determined by the number of participants. 

What also makes this 24 hour theater event so unique is it requires artists with a variety of skills. If you have never written, acted, or directed before, you will have the opportunity to try something new, surrounded by a group of creative and inspiring individuals.

Here is a breakdown of the 24 hour event:

Friday, October 6th at 7pm: All writers, actors, and directors will report to the theater. Between 2 to 5 actors, along with a director, will be randomly assigned to a group of writers. The evening will include ice-breakers to kickstart the creative process! After these activities, the writers will begin crafting short plays. But the writers will only have until 7am! 

Saturday, October 7th from 7am – 7pm: It will be the day to hit the ground running! Production will be in full swing with rehearsing and memorizing lines, finding props and costumes, and managing technical aspects like lighting and sound cues.

Then, drum roll please….. 7pm Saturday evening the plays will be ready to perform for audiences!

What are you waiting for? Click this link to sign up NOW!

Tickets for viewing the final performance will be on sale SOON!