Newsletter April 2017 Issue

Abrams Spotlight Productions Inc. Newsletter
April 2017 Issue

No pain, no gain. We all know this phrase. We hear it often in the sports world. Want that first-place trophy? Work for it. Olympic Gold Medal? Train. Superbowl ring? Team effort. In the theater, it’s no different. NO PAIN NO GAIN. This phrase was evoked during our recent production of Annie. Late rehearsal nights, long work days, endless production meetings resulted in one of the most successful productions ASPI has seen in its 14-year history.

The production of Annie started at the beginning of January with auditions, where 30 people came out prepared with a song to be a part of this musical. Men, women, and KIDS! So much talent came to the theater to audition, that it was difficult to pick the little girl that would embody the title character of Annie. 4 little girls were called back to vie for the spunky little red head, but in the end- only one was chosen.

As with past musicals, this production consisted of 3 months of music rehearsals, dance choreography, and blocking rehearsals. But the production doesn’t end here, there was also long hours of behind the scenes work- sets, costumes, and tech work! ASPI was blessed to have some of the highest volunteer numbers ever! A true team effort.

With all the long hours of practice, painting, cleaning, and memorizing- show time finally arrived! And it arrived with a BANG! Opening night of Annie resulted in a sold-out show- a first for ASPI history. This opening night crowd set the stage and the ball rolling, resulting in a positive momentum for the remaining shows. More sold out shows the first weekend, and 2 more sold out shows the final weekend (even a wait list) resulted in record attendance numbers. We are proud to announce that our total attendance for Annie was over 1300 patrons- and we owe all our success to YOU!

At the final cast party, as we put away the costumes, props, and set pieces, the cast and crew are tired, and perhaps a bit sad. Not because the pain wasn’t worth it- but because with all the rehearsals and hard work- we truly GAINED! Not just gaining in record attendance, but we all gained a family. Here at Abrams Spotlight Productions we pride ourselves on our family atmosphere and a place where community is at the heart of everything we do.

Are you looking to be a part of a community? Come join our theater family! There are always spots open- come to an audition, ask about helping backstage, or volunteer to usher for one of our shows. We would love to see you join our Community Theater. You truly will GAIN by volunteering, but we will gain a new family member.