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Did you know that Abrams Spotlight Productions, Inc. (ASPI) is completely run by volunteers?

You read that right! The theater, from performers and production crew to set designers and the box office, even the board of directors, is entirely dependent on volunteers. So how does that work?

ASPI is considered a 501c3 nonprofit organization. While many nonprofits may have paid staff to assist in day to day operations, ASPI relies on the generosity and commitment of its community members. Each production, and the time in between, involves hundreds of hours of volunteer help. So, you can count on the theater being seldom empty or dark, even between productions. 

“We have been blessed with a very dedicated active board and volunteer staff. They are not only on the sidelines giving direction or orders but putting in countless hours to make this theater thrive and standout,” says board member Jim Klein.

You got a talent, we’ll take it! You may not even realize it, but you have a talent that ASPI needs.

Here is just a preview of the roles and skills needed to keep ASPI running: directors, performers, production crew, set designers and builders, costumes people, prop masters, ushers, box office attendees, board of directors, maintenance, repair, upkeep, lawn work, flower beds, painting, plumbing, etc.

And this is just naming a few!

Mr. Klein says it best, “ASPI loves to be the community theater in the heart of little Abrams… We want the community to take ownership of this hidden gem.”

That is what makes ASPI so special! It thrives off its community support.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how you can volunteer at the theater, call the theater’s box office at (920) 826-5852 and check out the Volunteering section of our website.  

Stay tuned because in our next blog post we will discuss how you can financially support and get involved in ASPI!

Special thanks to Jim Klein for his contribution to the blog post. Mr. Klein was inducted as an ASPI board member in January 2019, but he is not new to the theater scene. Mr. Klein has appeared in several ASPI productions such as The Wizard of Oz (the Wizard), Shrek (retiring knight and bishop), Odd Couple (Speed), Meet Me in St. Louis (Trolley Conductor), Annie (President Roosevelt), and Singing in the Rain (Audience Heckler). Mr. Klein has also contributed his talents as Assistant Director for Charlie Brown and lighting for Oliver! Prior to ASPI, Mr. Klein spent 28 years working for Charitable Foundations as the Director of Planned Giving. ASPI is excited to have Mr. Klein on board!