2016 season highlights

– Total ticket sales for 2016 were 2,394 tickets!
– In April 2016, ASPI presented Shrek the Musical. There were a record number of ticket sales for this show (totaling 1,268!!) INCLUDING a sold out show!! This is the first time in ASPI history that we have had a sold out show!
– First time ASPI went above and beyond with makeup for Shrek the Musical- special makeup was used for Shrek and Fiona- including prosthetics!
– ASPI again utilized kids in our community for Shrek- it was a huge success, once again being a family oriented Community Theater for our local community.
– The Odd Couple, presented in August 2016, had record attendances in comparison to last year’s summer’s show
– Charlie Brown, presented in December 2016, marked the first time ever ASPI partnered with other non-profits to operate our concession stand.
– All three shows received GLOWING reviews from Warren Gerds!