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Work Day August 15, 2020 Things to DO

Work Day Master List
August 15, 2020


These can be done during the week if you cannot make Saturday Just call us at 920-826-5852 and let us know which outdoor items you can manage.

Clean and weed flower beds
Trim around building and grounds
Clean up pine tree branches on NW corner of property
Clean up brush on east side of parking lot
Sweep and clean patio area
Clean and check operation of grill



Remove and store any props, costumes, set pieces
Clean glass doors, dust surfaces, sweep/vacuum floors


Empty trash bins
Clean mirrors/toilets/sinks/urinal
Clean water fountain
Sweep and mop floors
Re-stock paper products and soap

House (Auditorium) :

Empty trash and recycling bins
Remove and store all props, set pieces and costumes
Stack chairs (remove row tags FIRST)
Dust piano and window ledges, sweep floor


Unload all items in refrigerator


Clean/organize scene shop and furniture storage area


Empty trash and recycling bins
Wash dishes in sink area, clean countertops, sweep floor
If enough muscle is available, remove non-working appliances

Tools, equipment needed:

Bring gloves, mask, eye protection (goggles or glasses)
Wear long sleeves and pants, appropriate shoes

2 string trimmers
1-3 chainsaws, battery or gas powered
2 wheelbarrows

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