Wish List

wish listIn order to continue to improve the quality of our productions, we keep a wish list. If you can donate any of these items, or would like to make a cash donation to help us purchase an item, please contact us. ASPI is an independent non-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

1) Hand Tools About 125.00 each
Skill Saw
Cordless Drill (2)
Tool Box
Safety Lockouts

2) Desktop Computer $400

3) Toilets $270
1 toilets for Women’s bathrooms (2 out of 3 toilets are now taken care of, THANKS MUCH)

4) Monitor speakers and Amp (together or separate) $1,000 each
a. 2 monitor speakers
b. Amp is needed for the sound system for the stage

5) Remote wireless thermostat $170
Help us better monitor and maintain heat at the theater.

6) Janitor’s cart or Rubbermaid type closet for janitorial supplies

7) Mirrors and lighting fixtures
Our cast needs good mirrors and lights to do their makeup, hair and prepare for a show backstage

8) Small flat screen TV- 27 inch
This TV is utilized backstage so the actors can see what is going on with the show and time their entrances, exits, cues, etc.

9) A heavy duty copier with enlarge/reduce and a sheet feeder

10) Heavy duty shelving for scene shop
The theater is looking for a volunteer to cut our lawn in the summer/fall months

Please contact the Box Office at 920-826-5852 if you have any of these items and are wanting to donate. We will also accept cash donations with specific allocation to the purchase of these items. Thank you!