Meet the Director: Nostalgia, Love, & Gratitude in a White Christmas

Mrs. Debra Jolly has always loved theater, but it wasn’t until her time in college when she really started to learn all the parts of a production, that she was hooked! There are so many areas of theater, not just acting, singing and dance, but also sets, lights, special effects, costumes, marketing, coordinating volunteers, research, and so much more. She has been involved in any area needed to bring a show to life!

Mrs. Jolly’s time with ASPI began in the summer of 2010, when her daughter asked her to run lights for Arthur and Guinevere. Since that first production with ASPI, she has added other roles and talents to her resume: choreography, lighting, props, costumes, and sets. Mrs. Jolly also uses her many talents in technical and administrative areas, such as her role as Vice President of ASPI.

In 2018, Mrs. Jolly made her directorial debut in ASPI’s production of Singin’ in the Rain. Mrs. Jolly wore two hats for the production, that of both director and choreographer. She will wear both hats again for the upcoming production of White Christmas.

All involved in producing the show are focused on making every part of White Christmas well crafted. This includes the costumes and choreography! The music makes you want to dance and the costumes will be a mix of 1950s “street clothes” and “dance costumes”. It is a wonderful story, enhanced with great music and dancing, brought to life with clever sets and lots of costumes. Mrs. Jolly loves two musical numbers, in particular – “Blue Skies”, with its

amazing jazzy music, and “I Love a Piano,” with its vaudeville sound and its very demanding tap sequence. Be sure to keep an eye out for the amazing “piano skirts”!

Everyone gets a chance to shine in this show! From the leading roles, the smaller but no less interesting roles, and the ensemble who sing and dance in almost every musical number, this hardworking cast is dedicated to making this production a heartwarming and entertaining experience for their audiences!

While this stage version of White Christmas does not adhere exactly to the script of the classic 1954 movie, the audience will still experience those lovely feelings of nostalgia, love, and gratitude. So “go to sleep and dream of snow” and we’ll see you in our audience in December!

Buy your tickets NOW! Showtimes are December 1st-4th and 8th-11th with an extra “Raise the Roof” performance added Tuesday December 6th. Only single seats are available- however waitlists have been started for any cancellations that come in so give us a call today to get put on a waitlist. Tickets can be purchased at Please call the Box Office at (920) 826-5852 with any questions.