All Hands on Deck: Volunteering at ASPI

Have you been an avid attendee of ASPI productions? So enthralled by the musical numbers and magical scenes, that you wonder how you can be involved in a production yourself?

Did you know that you don’t need to be the next Tony winner to volunteer???

Some volunteer roles require more of a time commitment than others, but we are generally able to accommodate! So whether you have 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months (you get the point) available to share your talents with ASPI, let us know and we will match the tasks to our volunteer’s time availability!

For productions, we can use people who are skilled in set design, construction, painting, sewing/costumes, etc… We are able to teach some of these skills, but if someone is familiar with how to use power tools or a sewing machine, it helps! This type of time commitment varies from a couple hours to more (it depends on the job). We are able to match the job to a volunteer’s time availability, so we don’t want people to think they can’t raise their hand to help!

We also need people to assist with shows backstage (scene changes) and sounds & lights. These are areas that require more of a scheduled time commitment. For consistency, we usually want these volunteers to be available for most of the full run through, dress rehearsals, and all shows.

Only have time to volunteer for an individual showtime? We are always in need of ushers, box office workers, and a concessions crew! Signups can be found on the ASPI’s Facebook page a few weeks prior to the first showtime.

Work days are another great way to volunteer at the theater! There is quite the list of to-dos including, cleaning, maintenance, and yard work. If you would like to learn more about work days, please read our past blog post.

Please follow ASPI’s Facebook page for future updates on workdays and other volunteer opportunities!

Tickets are on sale NOW for ASPI’s upcoming production of Oklahoma!, and they are selling FAST! Tickets can be purchased at Please call the Box Office at (920) 826-5852 with any questions!